Almost Over

Our 99th podcast, and we’re almost done with another cycle of writing-editing-publishing a book with “From Tundra to Tiara” being released tomorrow, Monday, January 9.

We talk at length about what we learned from our collaborative effort in writing a book, along with the challenges of contrasting writing styles and the English language itself.

We segue over to the biggest roadblock for independent writers: getting the word about our new book. Marketing is pushing that big rock up the mountain with no certainty that our efforts or money are producing good results (but we keep pushing).

We cite Sisyphus, Ernest Hemingway, Herman Wouk, and Billy Mack from “Love Actually” in this podcast (no spoilers). There’s a range of characters for you.

(One side note: I forgot to make “Sheriff” a free book for Sunday, January 8, so I extended the giveaway for all three books to Monday, January 9. Apologies for my error!)

This is a heck of an episode. Have a listen and take care of you. TIA! LYL!

One Last Push

Important Edit: I forgot to make “Sheriff” a free book for Sunday, January 8, so I extended the giveaway for all three books to Monday, January 9.
Apologies for my error!


One last push for our spiffy new book, “From Tundra to Tiara.”

I’m always energized in these last days before the big release. Thousands of hours of imagination, writing, editing, and marketing are coming to a close. The added joy is how CC and I worked seamlessly as a team for the first time to produce this cozy romance. I was amazed (and I think she was, too) on how easily we worked together, though considering we have 40+ years together, I should have known better.

Our labor of love will be released on Monday, January 9 for 99¢ and it is always free on Kindle Unlimited.

To sweeten the deal, three of our books will be totally free from Friday, January 6 to Sunday, January 9. The links are below. Enjoy these previews while you can!

As always, we appreciate you, the reader, and we would love to hear back after you read our book. We’d also love a review if you would be so kind.

One last word; “From Tundra to Tiara” will go up in price on Tuesday, January 10, so grab it now while the price is right.


From Tundra to Tiara
Royal Flush
Hope Knocks Twice
A Sheriff in Nevada

FTTT: Chapter Two

We started 2023 with a power and internet outage from a humungous storm that knocked out services for a hundred-plus square miles in Northern Nevada. We’re finally back on line, so here is the delayed second chapter of your future favorite Netflix/Hallmark cozy romantic movie.

The first two chapters of “From Tundra to Tiara” are posted on the main page here, so feel free to follow along.

It will be released in a week and it’s still 99¢. Always free on Kindle Unlimited.

All that took up most of the podcast, aside from our best wishes to you for the upcoming new year.

Have a listen and take care of you. TIA! LYL!

CC told me to do this so she has a reason to look at this post.

FTTT: Chapter One

As promised, here we are, reading the first chapter of your future favorite Netflix/Hallmark cozy romantic movie. Well, we can hope, anyway. The first two chapters of “From Tundra to Tiara” are posted, so feel free to follow along as we read.

We also chat about good and bad holiday movies, and we pick our favorite of the season: “A New York Christmas Wedding” on Netflix. And there’s the usual talk about the holidays along with the hope and prayer that you’re having the best season you can have.

Have a listen and take care of you. TIA! LYL!

Reading Duties: Videos Page

Important website update: After I recorded the fourth video for “Duties Faithfully Executed,” I updated our website to include a page devoted to videos. The link is up there are the top.

For those receiving this update via email, the fourth video is called “The Wonder Years.” Every real and fictional autobiography is required to address the formative high school years. We catch Bruce in flagrante delicto (trigger warning), and there’s a basketball game.

Here’s that video.

The usual reminder that “From Tundra to Tiara” is still 99¢ on Kindle until January 9, 2023, and it’s totally free on Kindle Unlimited.


Christmas Memories

Ah, “the horror of the holidays are upon us,” as my grandfather used to say. One common theme, no matter your culture or beliefs, are the strong emotions we feel during these days. CC and I remember two of our strongest Christmas memories, and we use them to illustrate how to transcribe those memories into prose.

There’s the usual chat about our current works in progress, and there’s the YouTube thing I’m doing.

We talk about our plans for our current book scheduled for release in January, not to mention the two chapters posted for you on our website.

Have a listen and let us know what you think. TIA! LYL!

(Spoiler: CC talks about our first Christmas tree from forty years ago. That’s the tree up there.)

Reading Duties

Important edit:

Things are coming together. I’ve done three YouTube recordings of “Duties Faithfully Executed,” and am learning the tricks of the trade. Gonna skip listing the first recording in the below list, but it’s on the channel if you want.

I’m going to use this blog post for now to list the recordings:
The JT Hume YouTube Channel
Part 1: Starting Over
Part 2: What I Did Wrong

If I keep going, I’ll probably create a separate web page. Thanks.


After years of internal debate (literally years), I’m taking the leap and reading my first book on camera. Woo!

CC said I sounded nervous and she’s right for two reasons. I haven’t read this book in a very long time, and I’ve written several since it was published in 2013. There will be cringe moment when I find grammatical mistakes. Bear with me as I power through.

And I’ve long felt I’ve had “a face for radio,” as they used to say back in the day, but readers like writers to read their works online. I am nothing but a servant to the people, so here you go!

There’s no great and glorious plan here. I’ll jump in front of the camera without warning or (obviously) planning. I will try to make it fun and interesting, and maybe we’ll learn stuff along the way.

Here’s the video:

If you want to jump ahead and get the book:

If you want to provide feedback:

I’m especially looking for feedback as this is my first video.

Finally, a gentle reminder than CC and I did a fantastic podcast on writing your very own space epic.


(And this thing is available for preorder at 99¢ and free on Kindle Unlimited. Ciao!)

Writing Your Space Epic

Jam-packed podcast where we talked about my completed space epic and how it differs from three eponymous sci-fi adventures. Lots of talks about techno-babble and characters. If you’re writing an epic, or considering writing one, here are some great ideas.

Also: Two free chapters from our latest release, “From Tundra to Tiara,” hitting the shelves on January 9, 2023!

Speaking of which, a reminder that FTTT is 99¢ until January 9, so preorder while it’s cheap. And it’s free on Kindle Unlimited, of course. Go to Amazon.

Here’s the podcast! Thanks for listening!

Book Page Update

Transitioning to a “full-time writer” mode means I have time for the overdue housekeeping on our website. There will be a full redesign someday, but for now, the Books page has descriptions, ratings, and trigger warnings.

Here you go.

It’s not much, but it’s a start. If/when you find a typo or two, let us know. TIA!

Posture and Mojo

We podcast to drink coffee.

Our single brain cell is on display in this podcast because we wandered all over the writer’s landscape today, starting with writing posture, segueing to mojo and frame of mind, and ending with a chat about writers spending money. We even mention my cochlear implants. We also learned that CC and I had very different elementary school experiences. Intrigued? Have a listen!

Related: this podcast about Money got a lot of love this week, per the analytics.

We’re at the end of our first graphic arts class. Hope you enjoy the above logo!

We also did the usual update of our personal writing projects, so here’s the usual reminder that we have a book coming out on January 9, 2023. Preorder it for 99¢ now for the price goes up on January 10, 2023.

Have a great week, everyone!

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