Haiku Wednesday is Back!

Hie-dee-hoe, neighbor-rooney. Haiku Wednesday is back from an unforced hiatus, and is being written under the spirit of the “It’s Six Thirty Somewhere” project. Cassidy Carson and I are attempting to write something for thirty minutes every day for a hundred days straight. Since the field is open, I’m taking a break from my workContinue reading “Haiku Wednesday is Back!”

The Dying of the Light

The one where we get personal about Death, along with the challenges of presenting the great equalizer in fiction. This episode is our most intimate podcast to date. Have a listen and let us know what you think. As always, scroll down and subscribe. Thank you much. Triggers: COVID, Death. Spoilers: Harry Potter, Twilight, Supernatural,Continue reading “The Dying of the Light”

The Seinfeld Episode

The one where we don’t talk about much at all, other than old casinos, being kind, and developing characters through watching people. No spoilers in this one, folks. Have a listen, and don’t forget to scroll down and sign up for notifications. Take care of you, okay?


Howdy hoo, neighbor, and hope this finds you well. If you’re me, the last five words there have snuck into a hundred or so emails over the year as the pandemic closed in and changed so many lives. I admit I had a growing certainty that getting COVID was a matter of “when” versus “if,”Continue reading “Ouchie!”

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