HW: Lilacs

Lilacs in the trash,Cold tears wet the black plastic.They twist-tie their past. (Here’s the long explainer behind Haiku Wednesday. tl;dr? Just roll with it.) I was crooning along with my favorite Bonnie Raitt song, “I Can’t Make You Love Me,” when CC took off her noise-dampening headphones and asked why I like sad songs. Well,Continue reading “HW: Lilacs”

Haiku Wednesday: Mickey’s Mouth

Steamboat Willie ateSteve Rogers, Up, Leia, Bart.Merchandised Heroes. March 2020. The pilot light was barely lit under my Coleman creative furnace. My public life was scattered in all directions, from the federal government’s homicidal indifference to COVID to the Governor’s state-wide lockdown to me being drafted (literally) into a new job. My comfort zone wasContinue reading “Haiku Wednesday: Mickey’s Mouth”

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