Writers and Disappointment

[Note: this post is written to accompany CC’s and my podcast on how writers can deal with disappointment. There’s great ideas there, too. Have a listen!] Writing a book makes us vulnerable to a wide range of emotions, not unlike falling in love. There’s the same highs of accomplishment, passion, and excitement, but there’s alsoContinue reading “Writers and Disappointment”

Comfort Foods

I binged on Sex Education this week, an energetic coming-of-age series out of Britain about teenagers and adults obsessed with (surprise) sex and relations. The entire show has an exceptionally talented cast, crew, writing staff, and music managers. I’m invested in the characters and was happy to hear that we’ll be seeing Moordale High inContinue reading “Comfort Foods”

A Writer’s Podcast

Cassidy Carson and I have been writing for a few years now, and while success has eluded us, we’ve learned the basics about the writing gig. We created the “CC and JT Amateur Half Hour” to share our wisdom, for what it’s worth. These thirty-minute episodes are CC and me to sitting down to talkContinue reading “A Writer’s Podcast”

A Letter to the Past

Dear younger me – Hello from 2021! No, I’m not joking. This is a letter written forty years after your first serious attempt to dabble in fiction. Still have doubts it’s you/me? Let me regale you with a tale about a young lad and his “love” for his music teacher. Now that I proved IContinue reading “A Letter to the Past”

Book Ideas

Welcome back to the Carson-Hume blog where “two hearts share one brain cell.” I am today’s host: JT Hume. You’re reading my second or third writer-centric blog which is a blessing for me today. After twelve hours with the relations (fun but tiring), you get an updated rerun. There are few easy chores when writingContinue reading “Book Ideas”

Cover Charge

Welcome back. The carsonhume.com blog is my fourth major blog (aside from Tumblr and Blogger and such), and the common thread between all was writing. I shared my positive and negative experiences as much as I could, and thanks to the Internet Archive, I found old posts that can get recycled and reposted here. OneContinue reading “Cover Charge”

The Citizen Writer

In CC’s and my weekly podcast for writers, we talked about if a writer has a responsibility to be an engaged community citizen, and we got into the pros and cons of putting ourselves out there in the “real world,” so to speak. Social Media (SM) gives us both a pathway into the debate ofContinue reading “The Citizen Writer”

Remember Yesterday

Good morning, yesterdayYou wake up and time has slipped awayAnd suddenly it’s hard to findThe memories you left behindRemember, do you remember?* Yes, we were this young and unblemished so many years ago. She was a college student fresh out of high school, and I was an airman holding up hats with my ears (stillContinue reading “Remember Yesterday”

It’s Six Thirty Somewhere

Hello, yeah, Monday BlogsBeen a while, how ’bout you?I’m not sure why I wroteI guess I really just wanted to talk to you You’ve dated yourself if you recognize those slightly butchered song lyrics, but they illustrate I’ve been away for a while, and that it’s time to come back into the Monday Blogs fold.Continue reading “It’s Six Thirty Somewhere”

A Modest Proposal

Memorial Day can be emotional three-day weekend, starting with the empty chair at the table that will never be filled. Wishing someone a “Happy Memorial Day” risks walking into an emotional minefield of sorts. Some will use the day to advance political agendas, and others just want to have a guiltfree barbeque to escape fromContinue reading “A Modest Proposal”

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