Pure Pantsing

Pantsing (also known as winging it) is the term Wrimos use refer to writing without a fixed outline (an outline that the writer will force themselves to follow). A Wrimo who adopts the pantsing approach to writing is called a pantser. (source) Today was a fun podcast on Pantsing with CC challenging me with threeContinue reading “Pure Pantsing”


We chat about our current WIP and whether we should do a “Happily Ever After” versus “Happy For Now” kind of ending. Readers want both, often at the same time, which can lead to “interesting” sequels. Spoilers: Star Wars, The Godfather, The Matrix, and The Mummy (Brenden Frasier version, obv). We also announce a bigContinue reading “HEA and HFN”

Summer Reading

We chat about our summer reading experiences from younger days, plus we talk about our current projects and our thoughts about “assigned reading.” You’ll learn more about the teenage CC and JT than you probably want to know, but, hey, listening is free! Also on the menu: updates on our writing projects, including the numbersContinue reading “Summer Reading”

Free Books This Week

Lots of free books this week to welcome “Starting Over in Las Vegas” to my library. It’s available for pre-sale now and will be delivered on Friday, July 1. These will be free from Tuesday, June 28 to Thursday, June 30: SOILV is the sequel to “Love & Death on I-80 West,” the first TucciContinue reading “Free Books This Week”

Ghosts and Books

In a very special Saturday episode of the Amateur Hour, CC and I chat about the real-life ghosts in our lives, the people we see in random places who look like loved ones and friends who’ve passed away. For that millisecond before we remember they’re gone, we can be hit with a ton of strongContinue reading “Ghosts and Books”

Writers Retreat

CC and I chat about our personal writers retreat this week and about writers retreats in general. CC talks about her good and bad experiences at big-time conferences. We also give updates on our three books in the pipeline. Have a listen and let us know what you think! TIA! LYL! Gentle reminder that “StartingContinue reading “Writers Retreat”


We take a dive into the shallow end of the pool to discuss famous and no-so-famous literary couples. Writing is a tough chore to begin with, so lots of respect for any couple who write together. We used this article as a foundation: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/13–literary-couples_n_5104412 Have a listen and let us know what you think TIA!Continue reading “Partners”

New Book

Let’s start positive: independent writers are superstars! They’re businesspeople, entrepreneurs, editors, insomniacs, imagineers, and so much more. They juggle writing and publishing with their real lives and jobs and God knows what else, all to put together a book and push it into the daylight because books are everything. A labor of love. But. IfContinue reading “New Book”

The Big 40

Please join us as we celebrate our 40th anniversary with memories, laughs, and a few tears. CC and I chat about the good old days and what’s kept us together so far. There’s a little bit of writing stuff, too. Have a listen and let us know what you think. TIA! LYL! (Free behind-the-scenes pictureContinue reading “The Big 40”

The Tucci Sequel

I’m a bad marketer. I’ve done nothing for this book that I’ve invested hundreds of hours and dollars (literally). My rationalization is marketing has done zero good in the past when you look at my book sales. Actually, that’s a fact. Anyway, here’s the cover and the title and (boom) Chapter One, free and unlocked.Continue reading “The Tucci Sequel”

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