CC is Awesome!

(says the webmaster)

A California girl by birth, Cassidy Carson moved to the Silver State in her last year of high school and met author (and love of her life) JT Hume a year later. The couple spent time in Nebraska and Japan before returning to Nevada to raise their three kids. The couple are now empty-nesters whose alter-egos work in state government during the day while nights and weekends are dedicated to literary pursuits.

Besides writing, Cassidy enjoys other creative pursuits like crafting, painting, acting, dancing, and playing the violin. She’s also fond of the great outdoors and can often be found hiking the hills near her home with JT Hume.

JT is Trouble!

(says the webmaster’s partner)

Born in the west Texas town of El Paso and raised in the high desert of Nevada, JT’s traveled many roads with homes in three countries to the United States Air Force to his current disguise as a mild-mannered public servant.

His stories are formed from his knowledge and interest in politics, government, and religion, and his characters are maneuvered through strategies honed over many years playing chess. His books are also flavored with the love and romance he’s shared with CC over the years.

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