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Jan 16, 2022Episode 48: Elmore Leonard’s “10 Rules for Good Writing,”
and we loop in Hemingway and a Marvel movie.
Jan 9, 2022Episode 47: The blessings and challenges of creative energy
with ideas on working through writer’s block.
Jan 2, 2022Episode 46: The routines & habits of writers and
people in general.
Dec 31, 2021Episode 45: Happy New Year 2022!
Dec 25, 2021Episode 44: The Christmas Day podcast, and we eviscerate
“Love Actually”!
Dec 19, 2021Episode 43: The Christmas Movies and TV Shows Special!
Dec 11, 2021Episode 42: We spoil Big, Harry Potter, and the Hunger Games.
Dec 5, 2021Episode 41: We talked and talked. Click on the link. 🙂
Nov 28, 2021Episode 40: The one where we welcome a real editor!
Nov 25, 2021Episode 39: The one where CC and I talk about our favorite
and sad Thanksgiving childhood memories.
Nov 21, 2021Episode 38: Lots of meat on this bone, from Stephen King
to “Carrie” to “The Shining” to the complex issue of
the writer and creative control.
Nov 14, 2021Episode 37: The one where we talk about Stephen King’s
books at length. We discuss our favorites and how Mr.
King influences us as writers. Major King book spoilers
Nov 6, 2021Episode 36: Nonstop Nonsense:
-The Shining
-Time Change
-Veterans Day
-“Read” & “Write”
-Indiana Jones
Oct 31, 2021Episode 35: We blabbed and blabbed:
– Our 6:30 writers project.
– Lots about Nanowrimo.
– Halloween & Nevada Day in Carson City NV.
– My cochlear implant surgery.
Oct 23, 2021Episode 34: How random acts of kindness can change lives,
and kindness can make your characters richer and
Oct 17, 2021Episode 33: Maintaining perspective & providing context
in our writing and real life, the value of taking risks,
and some serious couples counseling.
Oct 10, 2021Episode 32: The one where we give tips on how to handle
disappointment and similar emotional challenges.
Oct 3, 2021Episode 31: The one where we sing & laugh & drink coffee,
& talk about comfort zones and current works in progress.
Sept 26, 2021Episode 30 (already!): We spoil Little Women for all the
good reasons.
Sept 19, 2021Episode 29: A Hero’s Journey and why we writers love
it so much. Lots of spoilers.
Sept 11, 2021Episode 28: The one where we remember. Please read
the triggers.
Sept 6, 2021Episode 27: Bonus podcast! We unpack a lot, so check out
the triggers on this page before listening.
Sept. 5, 2021Episode 26: The one where we talk about using my
“Four S’s” tools to fill and enhance a book: Sounds,
Sights, Smell, Sex. Writers will hears the pros and
cons of each.
August 29, 2021Episode 25: The one where we talk about perhaps
the most iconic, romantic form of transportation:
the train!
August 22, 2021Episode 24: The one where we talk about JT’s cochlear
implant and how deafness affected his writing. We discuss
how CC was JT’s beard during his deaf years, and we talk
about the deaf culture.
August 15, 2021Episode 23: The one where we discuss writer engagement
in social media debates. Does the writer have the
responsibility and duty to engage. What are the
risks and benefits?
August 8, 2021Episode 22: The one where we were totally unprepared
to do a podcast and it showed. We discuss lots of things
including concerts, politics, and Nanowrimo.
We had fun!
August 1, 2021Episode 21:
-Two diehard #Cubs fans weep in each other’s arms.
-#Amwriting. Finally!
-James Lipton’s quiz from “Inside the Actors Studio.”
July 25, 2021Episode 20: The one where we take the Proust
Questionnaire found on the Vanity Fair website.
If you’re nosy and want to learn more about us,
this podcast is for you!
July 23, 2021Episode 19: The one where we record near the shores
of Monterey Bay, invoking John Steinbeck and the
history of Cannery Row. We spend some time discussing
how writers can use words to illustrate scenes
and characters to their full richness.
July 18, 2021Episode 18: The one where we talk about some
misconceptions of being a writer, especially
independent writers. CC and I picked three
specific myths that we felt affected us as writers.
July 11, 2021Episode 17: The one where we talk about jumping
in media res (“in the middle”) of the action in your
favorite books and movies.
July 4, 2021Episode 16: We talk about the three real-life philosophies
we apply to our writing.
CC: Love Conquers All, Nobody’s Perfect,
We’re Only Human.
JT: Perception Forms Reality, Be Honest, Be Kind.
June 27, 2021Episode 15: The one where we discuss hardcore sex in
writing and popular media. Like so many people, we struggle
between “porn for porn’s sake” and “porn for art’s sake.”
Jacobellis v. Ohio comes up. And, hey, FREE BOOK!
June 20, 2021Episode 14: The one where we venture into the middle
ground of sexual relations in your writing (PG, PG-13, R),
and how writers can express tension and climax.
June 13, 2021Episode 13: We delve into s-e-x in the G-rated literature
and media environment. We discuss the history of
s-e-x in books, the use of innuendoes, cultural shifts,
Harlequin romances, and gender roles.
June 6, 2021Episode 12: The one where we talk about the most
dangerous thing: True Love. We discuss the many
challenges and rewards of bringing personal romantic
experiences to our novels and other works.
May 30, 2021Episode 11: The one where we get personal about
Death, along with the challenges of presenting the
great equalizer in fiction. This episode is our
most intimate podcast to date.
May 23, 2021Episode 10: The one where we don’t talk about
much at all, other than old casinos, being kind,
and developing characters through watching people.
May 16, 2021Episode 9: The one where CC and I talk about our
personal writing inspirations as we grew up and
matured into professional writers.
May 9, 2021Episode 8: The one where CC discusses how Frank
McCourt and his most famous book, “Angela’s Ashes,”
parallels her own mother’s upbringing, and how they
influence CC’s life and writing.
May 1, 2021Episode 7: The one where we talk about traveling the
tried and true path of formula fiction. Special shout-out
to Ronald B. Tobias’s book, “20 Master Plots,”
for guiding our discussion.
April 27, 2021Episode 6: We traveled to beautiful Lake Tahoe for an
on-site broadcast. We talked about our memories, Mark
Twain, Godfather II, and all sorts of things.
April 25, 2021Episode 5: We had an earthquake while we discussed
the “nature vs. nurture” complexity of the “Flawed
Protagonist,” and we draw parallels between Darth
Vader, Superman, Batman, and the main character in my
personal favorite
of the ones I’ve written.
April 18, 2021Episode 4: “Sunshine on the Matrix”: Reality and writing
about Reality through “The Matrix” and
The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.”
April 15, 2021Episode 3: Surprise Podcast!
– The local wildlife.
– Fur-babies.
– Bedtimes.
– Two icons from the 1970s Soft Rock Era.
April 4, 2021Episode 2:
– Writing spaces.
– Public service.
– NV Outdoors.
– 50% Vaccinated.
March 28, 2021Episode 1:
– Our website.
– Photography and visual arts.
– Lovelock, Nevada, and a great burger.
March 21, 2021Introductions and such. We’re adorable.

We’re winging it here, so be patient as we work out the technical stuff. Thanks!
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