Dialogue and SM

Another polyglot of a podcast from the Worldwide Headquarters where “we like to help writers write.”

We discussed writing comfort zones and how writers like to stick to familiar troupes and character because they over a rich source of inspiration. John Grisham and his love for the Deep South is specifically mentioned, as is my books of Nevada.

We push our own buttons (again) of the complex subject of social media and the increasing amount of overhead dedicated to advertise our works, almost to the point where we have to sacrifice writing time in lieu of advertising. A difficult balance.

We wrap things up with a chat about dialogue and context, and we mention how people mostly listen to others to respond versus really listening to each other (it makes more sense in the podcast). We discuss some ideas on how writers can improve their dialogue in their books.

All this and more from the Podcast Where Production Values Go to Die. Literally. Have a listen and let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy. Take care.

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