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First, the book that CC and I did together. We had a lot of fun writing “From Tundra to Tiara.” “A sled dog race through the Alaskan snow brings two strangers together. Travis is a former Navy SEAL with a traumatic past. Lexie is a vet tech with a mysterious present.” CC wrote for Lexie, and I wrote for Travis. It came together pretty well, and we’re looking forward to doing the sequels.

Who is this for: Those who enjoy a soft romance with mismatched characters fumbling for a common ground.

Theme music: “Lara’s Theme” from Doctor Zhivago.

Rating: G

The Tucci Books (Book 1, Book 2):

You’re not old enough to read these books. Email me a permission slip from a responsible adult in your life before cracking these open.

These were a literary exercise for me on a couple of levels. I wanted to see how dark I could get with an anti-hero who I hate, and it turns out I can get pretty dark. I also wanted to do a little “crime noir” like “The Maltese Falcon,” and the first book even opens in a dark and rainy alley. There will be a compilation in the future.

Who is this for: Readers who drink coffee with grounds at the bottom of the cup. Both books are graphic and brutal.

Theme music: “Bad Things” by Jace Everett (the “True Blood” theme).

Rating: You’re not old enough to read these books. Triggers.

Royal Flush:

CC’s first foray into independent publishing, this is a gentle “rags to riches” story that will keep the reader guessing at every turn.

Christiana Regent didn’t expect to be assigned to a very personal task for the Crown Prince when left home for her year of required national service. She’d imagined fulfilling the normal duties of a member of the staff: general housekeeping, working in the kitchens, or something along those lines. Yet when Christiana arrives at the Palace right after the prince is injured in a polo accident, she finds herself handling a medical task for a man she’d never met in person.

Who is this for: Romantics, of course.

Rating: PG

The Emma Parks books (Book 1, Book 2, Book 3, Compilation):

I spent a few years doing tech support for Child Protective Services (CPS), and saw firsthand how social workers broke through emotional and bureaucratic brick walls to save their kids. Workers are true heroes. These are CC’s favorite books.

Who is this for: readers interested in how the government works and how it doesn’t work. Young and old professionals. Romantics.

Theme music: Devo’s “Working in a Coal Mine.”

Rating: PG

The Maggie Doane Books (Book 1, Book 2):

Named after the hero in “High Noon,” Maggie and her intrepid deputies enforce The Law in a Nevada county larger than some East Coast states. They take on all comers: murderers, abusers, and natural disasters. My most popular books.

Who is this for: Readers who like mysteries, impossible odds, and wide-open spaces. You know, Nevadans.

Theme music: “The Magnificent Seven.”

Rating: PG-13

Duties Faithfully Executed:

My first book. More of an experiment than anything. If I’d been smart, I would have stopped with this one. But seriously, here’s another “rags to riches” stories with enough twists to keep you engaged to the end. Bruce is an Air Force veteran who tries to get through life with a bunch of physical and mental injuries that take years to heal.

Who is this for: political nerds and Kennedy fans.

Theme music: “The West Wing.”

Rating: R (for triggers)

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