Unboxing Tucci

This week’s podcast/broadcast featured a live unboxing of “The Tucci Chronicles,” and we compare the Amazon and Barnes & Noble paperback copies. We have another in-depth discussion of the meat-and-potatoes side of writing. We’ve expanding our publishing inventory to include Barnes & Noble, Apple, Kobo, and Google. We chat about the strengths of each publisher.Continue reading “Unboxing Tucci”

Writing Technobabble

We dive into the “sausage making” portion of self-publishing a book. Writing a book itself is a complex process, but that’s only the beginning, so there’s a lot to unpack in this week’s podcast/broadcast: The links to all of this are below. Have a listen and let us now what you think. TIA LYL! CC’sContinue reading “Writing Technobabble”

The Yin Yang of a Writer’s Mind

What goes through a writer’s mind, and how do their thoughts, dreams, and experiences translate to the written word? How do they choose to go light or dark in their writing? We use our two most recent releases to discuss the yin and yang of a writer’s mind. (Yes, we just released a book onContinue reading “The Yin Yang of a Writer’s Mind”

Four Projects!

This week’s podcast/broadcast is about our four projects: Back to “From Tundra to Tiara“: We released the e-book in January 2023, but some readers love hard copy books. That’s what you’re getting on Friday, November 10. The price will be going up to $12.99 sometime soon, so grab our book at the discounted price now.Continue reading “Four Projects!”

Formatting Your Book

This week is all about formatting your self-published book through Word and Atticus. CC and I spent a lot of time this week in those apps getting “From Tundra to Tiara” and “The Tucci Chronicles” ready for you. If you’re getting ready to self-publish a book, or even thinking about it, we have ideas toContinue reading “Formatting Your Book”

Winging It

Hello from the CC and JT Amateur Hour, “where production values go to die,” and we talked a lot about a few things as we continue to wrestle with our video presence. Topics:-Nanowrimo-Our personal writing projects-Overnight success-The public face of our private endeavors-Meeting the public Here’s the YouTube of the podcast. CC is reading EdgarContinue reading “Winging It”


Another videocast & podcast for our fellow writers: it’s Preptober! CC and I chat about getting ready for Nanowrimo and how it’s a time of joy, not stress, if you let it. We also talk about our poor Cubs. Here’s the podcast for your listening pleasure. If you’re on TikTok, you can catch us here,Continue reading “Preptober!”

Life After X

Episode 134: Twitter/X is implementing new amd onerous terms of service, so CC and I have “that” talk about social media. As very small business owners, we have concerns because we no longer believe in the reach and reliability of Twitter/X. We have an active conversation about social media in general, which gives you aContinue reading “Life After X”

Love Language

After a few “doom and gloom” episodes with the related drop-off in listenership, we announce the end of the podcast because we each discover a hill we will die on (kidding). But seriously, folks, we dive into the Language of Love and the culture of a relationship, and how we as writers bring all ofContinue reading “Love Language”

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