Episode 121 is started slow, but evolved into something interesting and complex. We talked about about our minimal efforts on our works in progress. The challenge for CC is finding the time to hit the keyboard. My challenge is I’m making things up as I go along, so I think I created a readable adventure,Continue reading “COVID”

Episode 100

Twenty-two months since we started in isolation, and here is our 100th episode of the CC and JT Amateur Hour (“where production values go to die”). This episode coincides with the debut of “From Tundra to Tiara,” so honestly, how could we not do this today? Not all is sunshine as real life taught usContinue reading “Episode 100”

Interesting Times

“May you live in interesting times.” JT’s awesome aunt says this is an ancient Chinese curse. The world has been living through them here in the 21st Century, but what does that mean for the writer who engages in historical fiction? We discuss the challenges facing authors who use real-life events in their books, includingContinue reading “Interesting Times”

Podcast: Why Don’t People Write?

No two ways to slice this bread: writing is hard for many reasons. People may have trouble put words to paper (or screen) because they feel they have a weak grasp on language skills, or they’re nervous about revealing themselves. After all, writing in a private endeavor in the public spotlight. Criticism could be aContinue reading “Podcast: Why Don’t People Write?”

Podcast: Trigger Words

We talk about the challenges and dangers of using “power words” and “trigger words” in this week’s writer’s podcast. Our definitions: “Power Words” can be used to develop an emotional connection between the reader and writer, where “Trigger Words” exist to illicit an emotional response, often a knee-jerk negative emotional response. Candidly, we struggle toContinue reading “Podcast: Trigger Words”

Podcast: Writers and Routines

The one where we talk about the positives and negatives of having routines and habits. We focus on writers and writing, and we start small by explaining our Sunday patterns, and we go big with the national economy and labor workforce. No spoilers. Have a listen and let us know what you think. TIA! LYL!

Podcast: Happy New Year 2021

The one where we wrap up our year in Podcasting by discussing our most listened to podcasts, plus:-Betty White, of course-Pandemic & Diabetes (fun stuff!)-WIPs and writing-Nevada history and sports-Tool Time!-40 years ago today-A great burrito Podcasts discussed:Our first podcast Writers and RealityThe Flawed ProtagonistIn Media Res Have a listen and let us know whatContinue reading “Podcast: Happy New Year 2021”

Podcast: Laundry List

We unloaded a laundry list! Check out the links!–Our Podcast with a Professional Editor-Thanksgiving–The Crocker Art Museum and the Museum of Science and Curiosity-Monet and Rodin–Eppies, Carol’s, and Taqueria Ay Jalisco-Cochlear Implant-Invading Personal Space-Booster shots-WIP, Fan Fiction, and Serialized Writing–Sir Patrick Stewart-Upcoming December Holidays And Charley! Here you go! Hope y’all had a wonderful ThanksgivingContinue reading “Podcast: Laundry List”

Podcast: Comfort Zones & Singing

The one where we sing and laugh and drink coffee, and we do an actual podcast! We chat about our comfort zones before before, during, and after the pandemic. We also talk about our current works in progress. We hope we put a smile on your face. Have a listen and let us know whatContinue reading “Podcast: Comfort Zones & Singing”

Podcast: A Writer’s Trauma

The one where we remember. We all carry trauma in some way, whether it’s 9-11, the sudden death of a loved one, or growing up in a difficult home. We talk what writers should consider when using traumatic event in their books, or even if writers should use those events. Triggers:9-11Pearl HarborDeathLoveCOVID Please be thoughtfulContinue reading “Podcast: A Writer’s Trauma”

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