That Which We Leave Behind

Time for another CC and JT Amateur Hour “where production values go to die.” We like to help writers write. The past is always present, and it grips us all in more ways than one. CC and I discuss how to fold the past into your writing. We talk about the Hume Museum. Peggy theContinue reading “That Which We Leave Behind”

Reading Duties: Videos Page

Important website update: After I recorded the fourth video for “Duties Faithfully Executed,” I updated our website to include a page devoted to videos. The link is up there are the top. For those receiving this update via email, the fourth video is called “The Wonder Years.” Every real and fictional autobiography is required toContinue reading “Reading Duties: Videos Page”

Christmas Memories

Ah, “the horror of the holidays are upon us,” as my grandfather used to say. One common theme, no matter your culture or beliefs, are the strong emotions we feel during these days. CC and I remember two of our strongest Christmas memories, and we use them to illustrate how to transcribe those memories intoContinue reading “Christmas Memories”

Reading Duties

Important edit: Things are coming together. I’ve done three YouTube recordings of “Duties Faithfully Executed,” and am learning the tricks of the trade. Gonna skip listing the first recording in the below list, but it’s on the channel if you want. I’m going to use this blog post for now to list the recordings:The JTContinue reading “Reading Duties”

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