The Yin Yang of a Writer’s Mind

What goes through a writer’s mind, and how do their thoughts, dreams, and experiences translate to the written word? How do they choose to go light or dark in their writing? We use our two most recent releases to discuss the yin and yang of a writer’s mind. (Yes, we just released a book onContinue reading “The Yin Yang of a Writer’s Mind”

Four Projects!

This week’s podcast/broadcast is about our four projects: Back to “From Tundra to Tiara“: We released the e-book in January 2023, but some readers love hard copy books. That’s what you’re getting on Friday, November 10. The price will be going up to $12.99 sometime soon, so grab our book at the discounted price now.Continue reading “Four Projects!”

Love Language

After a few “doom and gloom” episodes with the related drop-off in listenership, we announce the end of the podcast because we each discover a hill we will die on (kidding). But seriously, folks, we dive into the Language of Love and the culture of a relationship, and how we as writers bring all ofContinue reading “Love Language”


CC watched TED Talks by author Elizabeth Gilbert of “Eat, Pray, Love” fame as a means to break through her writer’s block, and her videos inspired us to talk about the source of a writer’s inspiration. We knocked down a series of dominos and ended up with the question: Are some writers divinely inspired byContinue reading “Divine”

Shakespeare, Baby!

Episode 124 is about the writer’s derivative use of other published works in their own works in progress. Where is the gray area of originality when using William Shakespeare’s classic works, for example? Modern literature is full of examples of those who boldly took it upon themselves to “copy” the Bard’s great works or atContinue reading “Shakespeare, Baby!”

Maternity Ward

Episode 123 is all about the our new furry friends. More specifically, we talk at length about how we can’t help but assign human emotions and actions to those in the animal kingdom (the word I can’t say or spell to save my life is “anthropomorphism”). Also:– Our current WIPs & Boring Characters– Nanowrimo &Continue reading “Maternity Ward”

The Disharmony of Love

CC and I meander all over the map in this week’s podcast about Love. We agree, and we agree to disagree, but we’re fairly safe in saying there are no absolutes other than “Love is Love.” We hope you have it all figured out for yourself because listening to this podcast, you can tell weContinue reading “The Disharmony of Love”

Valentine’s Day Book

Hi, All. From Friday, February 10 to Tuesday, February 14, “From Tundra to Tiara” will be reduced in price from $2.99 to 99¢. Five days of savings for the most romantic day of the year! We would normally make it available for $0, but as we discussed in our 100th podcast episode, free Kindle booksContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Book”


We struggled this week with “the big reveal”: the completely out-of-the-blue plot twist. Does the shock take the reader out of the story? Does it improve the plot? Does it change a “routine” experience into a memorable one for all the right reasons? Thoroughly spoiled: “The Crying Game” and “Murder on the Orient Express.” WeContinue reading “Surprise”

Almost Over

Our 99th podcast, and we’re almost done with another cycle of writing-editing-publishing a book with “From Tundra to Tiara” being released tomorrow, Monday, January 9. We talk at length about what we learned from our collaborative effort in writing a book, along with the challenges of contrasting writing styles and the English language itself. WeContinue reading “Almost Over”

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