Flooded Basement

Another podcast, another joint therapy session. Northern Nevada is being pummeled by waves of rain and snow, and some of it overflowed into our basement. CC and I talk it out to get perspective and context, and as a means to reduce our stress. Also discussed:-Writing as an escape.-Getting yourself into writing mode.-Memories and context.-WordContinue reading “Flooded Basement”

Writers Retreat

CC and I chat about our personal writers retreat this week and about writers retreats in general. CC talks about her good and bad experiences at big-time conferences. We also give updates on our three books in the pipeline. Have a listen and let us know what you think! TIA! LYL! Gentle reminder that “StartingContinue reading “Writers Retreat”

Podcast: Happy New Year 2021

The one where we wrap up our year in Podcasting by discussing our most listened to podcasts, plus:-Betty White, of course-Pandemic & Diabetes (fun stuff!)-WIPs and writing-Nevada history and sports-Tool Time!-40 years ago today-A great burrito Podcasts discussed:Our first podcast Writers and RealityThe Flawed ProtagonistIn Media Res Have a listen and let us know whatContinue reading “Podcast: Happy New Year 2021”

Podcast: Laundry List

We unloaded a laundry list! Check out the links!–Our Podcast with a Professional Editor-Thanksgiving–The Crocker Art Museum and the Museum of Science and Curiosity-Monet and Rodin–Eppies, Carol’s, and Taqueria Ay Jalisco-Cochlear Implant-Invading Personal Space-Booster shots-WIP, Fan Fiction, and Serialized Writing–Sir Patrick Stewart-Upcoming December Holidays And Charley! Here you go! Hope y’all had a wonderful ThanksgivingContinue reading “Podcast: Laundry List”

Grumpy Old Nevadan

CC and I are deep into our “It’s 6:30 Somewhere” project where we write for thirty minutes every day. My work in progress (WIP) involves a side trip to Las Vegas. Having lived in the Silver State for most of my life, it was pretty easy to pop out the below during tonight’s session. TheContinue reading “Grumpy Old Nevadan”

Podcast: Mind the Gap!

We recorded this episode on the shores of the Pacific Ocean in beautiful Fort Bragg, California. So what did we talk about? Perhaps the most iconic, romantic form of transportation: the train! The Iron Horse is not only a major piece of American history, it continues to move millions of people every day around theContinue reading “Podcast: Mind the Gap!”

Podcast: Proust Speed Round

Episode 20 already! The one where we take the Proust Questionnaire found on the Vanity Fair website. If you’re nosy and want to learn more about us, this podcast is for you! If you want to follow along, here’s the Vanity Fair webpage. And here’s the podcast for you. As always, we crave your feedback.Continue reading “Podcast: Proust Speed Round”

Podcast: Speaking Steinbeck

The one where we record near the shores of Monterey Bay, invoking John Steinbeck and the history of Cannery Row. We spend some time discussing how writers can use words to illustrate scenes and characters to their full richness. No spoilers. Here you go! Have a listen and let us know what you think. ThankContinue reading “Podcast: Speaking Steinbeck”

The Seinfeld Episode

The one where we don’t talk about much at all, other than old casinos, being kind, and developing characters through watching people. No spoilers in this one, folks. Have a listen, and don’t forget to scroll down and sign up for notifications. Take care of you, okay?

HW: Vegas, Baby!

Neon attracts chumpsTo one armed bandits with smiles.All fools bad at math. Ah, Nevada. Top of the naughty lists and bottom of the nice lists, all for good reasons, yet we draw so many sane people with urgent needs to be separated from their hard-earned doubloons. Why is that? [If state histories bore you, stopContinue reading “HW: Vegas, Baby!”

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