Podcast: Epiphany

This week’s writers’ podcast is a deep dive into “Romance is a Bonus Book,” and how this excellent series got us thinking about the choices we’ve made. We chat about the power you have over your life and the key question: “Who am I?”. Big-time spoilers. We may have shotgunned a gallon of coffee beforeContinue reading “Podcast: Epiphany”

Podcast: Stupid Romance

This week focuses on two important writers’ subjects:-The challenges and benefits of implicit bias in fiction.-CC’s and my favorite formula in fiction: stupid romance. We pull in Love Actually, Star Wars, Easter, the weather, and coming of age stories. Have a listen! We’d love to hear what you think via our comments page, even ifContinue reading “Podcast: Stupid Romance”

Podcast: Hell Week

We return from our podcast hiatus to talk about our emotional roller-coaster Hell Week, and the associated life changes happening in and around The Worldwide Headquarters: Our daughter’s surgery.Saying goodbye to Mia.Verbal Tics.Retirement.My next book (good news!).Book sale success.Patreon.Spring in Nevada.“Our Flag Means Death”.The Beatles and “Get Back”.Recurring themes in Korean dramas and rom-coms.Common traitsContinue reading “Podcast: Hell Week”

Flashback Episode

No new podcasts this week due to Real Life events, so here’s a rewind on our most popular episodes. Elmore Leonard’s “10 Rules for Good Writing” may be better than Stephen King’s “On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft.” Link We talk about jumping In Media Res (“in the middle”) of the action in yourContinue reading “Flashback Episode”

Podcast: Irish Themes

Last week, we sent you a verbal postcard of Ireland. This week, we watched six productions placed in The Auld Country of Ireland, and we discuss the use of common themes through these films: Darby O’Gill and the Little PeopleThe Quiet ManDerry GirlsBrooklynDancing at LughnasaThe Boxer Have a listen and feel free to push backContinue reading “Podcast: Irish Themes”


As we writers do, we make plans to take over the world. That’s a gentle way of saying we tend to dream big: we will write our Great American Novel, we will sell thousands of copies, and the movie studios will pound a path to our doors with the usual “rich and famous” contract. Alas,Continue reading “Patreon”

Podcast: Romance Mish-Mash

Today was a “stream of unconsciousness” podcast from CC and me. Most of it is “Romance is What You Make of It” and “The Elements of Romance in Writing.” Focusing on the writing part, CC and I agree that the main elements of romance writing, maybe even the hearts, is conflict, confusion, and the lackContinue reading “Podcast: Romance Mish-Mash”

Podcast: Trigger Words

We talk about the challenges and dangers of using “power words” and “trigger words” in this week’s writer’s podcast. Our definitions: “Power Words” can be used to develop an emotional connection between the reader and writer, where “Trigger Words” exist to illicit an emotional response, often a knee-jerk negative emotional response. Candidly, we struggle toContinue reading “Podcast: Trigger Words”

Podcast: Play Ball!

The one where we discuss baseball writing, and how the enclosed universe of the game lends itself to writing. We start with the golden age of baseball and end in the modern era. We use these writers and their works: Jim BoutonW. P. KinsellaRon LucianoErnest Thayer Spoilers: Field of Dreams Here you go! Have aContinue reading “Podcast: Play Ball!”

Podcast: Elmore Leonard’s Rules

The one where CC and I chat about Elmore Leonard’s “10 Rules for Good Writing:” Never open a book with weather. Avoid prologues. Never use a verb other than “said” to carry dialogue. Never use an adverb to modify the verb “said”…he admonished gravely. Keep your exclamation points under control. You are allowed no moreContinue reading “Podcast: Elmore Leonard’s Rules”

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