Another videocast & podcast for our fellow writers: it’s Preptober! CC and I chat about getting ready for Nanowrimo and how it’s a time of joy, not stress, if you let it. We also talk about our poor Cubs. Here’s the podcast for your listening pleasure. If you’re on TikTok, you can catch us here,Continue reading “Preptober!”

Video Test

Happy International Podcast Day from The Amateur Hour, so we took the occasion to do a video simulcast of today’s short podcast. As always, production values are low, but you get a peek at CC (nice) and me (sorry) while glimpsing of the Worldwide Headquarters. Also today:–The Race to Wrigley 5k–The Carson City Murals andContinue reading “Video Test”

Podcast: Seasons

Happy Spring! CC and I discuss how Seasons can form themes in your books:Spring = RebirthSummer = Lust & LoveFall = The Best Season?Winter = Family and Coming of Age (Bonus: Hear me forget our anniversary!) Have a listen and let us know what you think. Also this week: the podcast series on how IContinue reading “Podcast: Seasons”

Podcast: Play Ball!

The one where we discuss baseball writing, and how the enclosed universe of the game lends itself to writing. We start with the golden age of baseball and end in the modern era. We use these writers and their works: Jim BoutonW. P. KinsellaRon LucianoErnest Thayer Spoilers: Field of Dreams Here you go! Have aContinue reading “Podcast: Play Ball!”

Podcast: Comfort Zones & Singing

The one where we sing and laugh and drink coffee, and we do an actual podcast! We chat about our comfort zones before before, during, and after the pandemic. We also talk about our current works in progress. We hope we put a smile on your face. Have a listen and let us know whatContinue reading “Podcast: Comfort Zones & Singing”

Podcast: Writer’s Tears

The one where two diehard fans discuss their love for the Chicago Cubs. We also talk about our current works in progress, and we take the famous quiz from “Inside the Actors Studio.” Here you go! No spoilers. Listen up, and please scroll down to leave feedback and sign up for email notices. Thank you!Continue reading “Podcast: Writer’s Tears”

Da Cubs

Character, they say, is something you build when you lose. I’m a Cubs fan. I’ve been building character for over thirty years…with one notable exception. My love/hate relationship with the Windy City Northsiders began when Cassidy and I were first married and living in the far-off land known as Sarpy County. While we had muchContinue reading “Da Cubs”

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