Episode 121 is started slow, but evolved into something interesting and complex.

We talked about about our minimal efforts on our works in progress. The challenge for CC is finding the time to hit the keyboard. My challenge is I’m making things up as I go along, so I think I created a readable adventure, but not a viable ending. If you’re in a similar situation, we have ideas.

We put together a mailbox yesterday. Gently speaking, it was our usual comedy of errors.

The main gist of the podcast was about the challenge of writing about events we have not experienced first hand, including COVID, Gettysburg, Pearl Harbor, and the 1917 pandemic. One of those things we actually did experience in the last couple of weeks, but for the most part, we writers are challenged when we want to include the feel and taste of times gone by.

We also spent time on how folks in the past got swept up in events through herd mentality, and how sometimes the best books are those who stand in front of the tanks.

Tomorrow is CC’s birthday if you want to buy her a cup of coffee.

Have a listen and TIA LYL!

(Edit: typos fixed. Sorry for the newletter!)

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