Podcast: Trigger Words

We talk about the challenges and dangers of using “power words” and “trigger words” in this week’s writer’s podcast.

Our definitions: “Power Words” can be used to develop an emotional connection between the reader and writer, where “Trigger Words” exist to illicit an emotional response, often a knee-jerk negative emotional response. Candidly, we struggle to draw the line between the two.

We talk about both in general communication, and we use the vaccination argument as an example. For writing, we use the romantic genre in how power words can shape a writer’s manuscript.

Trigger warning (ironically): we use personal examples from our upbringing and, yes, we get wound up.

Spoilers: “Arrow” and “A Very Brady Sequel.” There is also singing (sorry).

Have a listen and let us know what you think. TIA! LYL!

(Also: “Impactful” is not a real word.)

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