Podcast: Romance Mish-Mash

Today was a “stream of unconsciousness” podcast from CC and me. Most of it is “Romance is What You Make of It” and “The Elements of Romance in Writing.”

Focusing on the writing part, CC and I agree that the main elements of romance writing, maybe even the hearts, is conflict, confusion, and the lack of communication between the protagonists. Romance writing is successful because readers want to see the resolution of the eternal and endless “will they or won’t they” scenarios. We try to help our fellow writers in this podcast by breaking romance writing down to some more basic elements.

Also discussed:
-Podcasting Equipment
-Galentine’s & Valentine’s Day
-Hallmark Holidays & Greeting Cards
-SB LVI and Baseball

Spoilers: Romancing the Stone and Pride and Prejudice

CC’s Instagram is @authorcassidycarson

Have a listen and let us know what you think! LYL! TIA!

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