Podcast: Money!

This week’s writers’ podcast is about spending money to be a writer (or as I call it, “death by thousand cuts”). All professions require out-of-pocket expenses because the cliché is we have to spend money to earn money. But as independent writers, we may not ever see a full return on our investment. We talk about those challenges.

This week alone for the site’s Dynamic Duo:

Sunday: Podcast equipment!

Monday: Valentine’s Day. Not writing related but CC and I blew the doors off the barn. And that’s all you’re gonna hear about that.

Tuesday: Launched my Patreon with a public blog post and podcast. Check them out.

Wednesday: Renewed the license to our WordPress website.

Thursday: Sent my latest manuscript to a professional editor.

Saturday: Spent money on the book cover for my latest manuscript. How did I do that? It was tough! Listen here (subscribers only).

You can see how the expenses added up. Here’s the details. Have a listen.

We’re genuinely interested. What are your experiences and feelings on spending money as an independent writer? Let us know through the Contacts page. Take care of you. TIA! LYL!

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