Settings Part One

Bridgeport, California, October 3, 2022

This week’s podcast has us on the road to Lone Pine, California, home to many movie settings, some of which you’ve seen. We use a visit to the Museum of Western Film History and the Alabama Hills as background for a chat about Settings.

They can be a challenge to writers as we try to strike a balance between adding a colorful dimension versus overwhelming the reader with details and extrapolation.

We thoroughly spoil Pleasantville and Blade Runner (1982) as examples.

Next week, we talk about how a setting can become the dominant tone of a book.

We update listeners on our manuscript at the editors, our graphic design class, and my retirement (also mentioned here).

Have a listen and let us know what you think TIA! LYL!

PS: Here’s our new writers’ selfies. The tallest peak in the background is Mt. Whitney. Which pic is your favorite?

Selfie One
Selfie Two
Selfie Three
Selfie Four
Selfie Five
We’re doing logos in our graphic arts class

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