Our followers know I retired on Friday, September 30, after 40 total years of public service.

My last day was filled with heartfelt wishes from long-time associates and poignant memories of a building where I learned so much. The icing on the cake was the goodbye dinner with my team and their partners where we were able to raise a glass together as co-workers one last time. I will miss each of them so much, and am thankful they welcomed me as a teammate. They are quality, quality people.

The most humbling gift was the final salute from the Governor’s office, written by my colleagues and guided through the bureaucracy to the top of our chain of command. I can’t express the emotions I felt when I received this. You can read the proclamation here.

The person I am most grateful to is my partner of 40+ years, of course. CC had to put up with my emotional roller coaster for these last few months. Of the two of us, I am the lucky one. ♥

As I said in my “real” twitter, I am blessed to have worked with many strong, passionate, ethical professionals. It was my honor and privilege to serve with them.

Nevada, thank you for taking a chance on me. I hope I did you proud.

(Our regular writer’s podcast will be posted on Monday, October 3. Thank you.)

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