We Did This To Ourselves

A little bit longer post for this week’s podcast.

Tomorrow, Monday, November 21 starts the presale of our new book on Amazon. (Edit: the pre-sale is live.) This week, we discuss kicking off our marketing campaign with all sorts of plans and incentives. We’re doing the title reveal this week and the cover reveal next week.

The biggest challenge will be navigating through the uncertainty of social media, which may disappear without warning. Here’s our plans to push this book:

  1. We will be offering free books from our Amazon libraries (CC and JT) sometime in the next few weeks.
  2. The new book will be released on Monday, January 9. Between Monday, November 21 and the release date, you can preorder the book for 99¢. On Tuesday, January 10, the price of the book jumps to $2.99. Pre-order while it’s cheap!
  3. When you preorder the book, reach out to us via our contact page on our website or email (jthumebooks@gmail.com) with your name and address. We’ll send you a holiday slash thank you card with our picture and special message.

We will put together a mailing list someday, but if you have a WordPress account, you can get automatic updates from our blog posts.

We are doing all of this extra stress and anxiety to ourselves because we believe in our book and we believe in you. Thank you for playing along.

Have a listen to the podcast and let us know what you think. TIA! LYL!

(PS: We’re so wrapped up in our plan that I think we said Tuesday (Nov 22) is the title reveal. Nope. It’s Monday (Nov 21). Sorry for any confusion.)(Here it is!)

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