Episode 100

Twenty-two months since we started in isolation, and here is our 100th episode of the CC and JT Amateur Hour (“where production values go to die”). This episode coincides with the debut of “From Tundra to Tiara,” so honestly, how could we not do this today?

Not all is sunshine as real life taught us a valuable lesson about perspective (trigger: COVID). We’re also thankful that small businesses survive and thrive, like Hoffman Plumbing who helped us not have a flooded basement.

We chatted about our favorite episodes out of the 100, plus we learned something about Amazon Kindle fraud. Yes, it appears people are fraudulently downloading our books (sigh).

We are especially thankful to you, our steady and loyal listeners.

Have a listen and be ready to listen to more fun from the CC and JT Amateur Hour. TIA! LYL!

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