Podcast: Hell Week

We return from our podcast hiatus to talk about our emotional roller-coaster Hell Week, and the associated life changes happening in and around The Worldwide Headquarters:

Our daughter’s surgery.
Saying goodbye to Mia.
Verbal Tics.
My next book (good news!).
Book sale success.
Spring in Nevada.
“Our Flag Means Death”.
The Beatles and “Get Back”.
Recurring themes in Korean dramas and rom-coms.
Common traits in the human experience.
Putting together my second and third draft manuscripts.
Stay-at-home parenting and day care.
Send Feedback, please.

Have a listen here!

All quiet on the Patreon front this week, too. I’ll get back to my series on creating my book soon. The previous podcasts on creating my book are free at http://patreon.com/jthume

TIA and LYL!

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