Retirement Practice

portrait of smoking old man with gray beard (me)

Good day, dear readers. Posting a Real Life update instead of editing the manuscript. In geezer language, we call this “procrastinating” or “what I should be doing now probably won’t get done tomorrow, either.”

This may be old news in that I announced my retirement from the Day Job after 40 total years of public service. Not looking for kudos or such. I’m having problems processing why people say “congratulations.” I appreciate the sentiment, but giving up a hardcore habit after all these years is jarring.

The countdown has begun to September 30, and between now and then, I will be taking off some Fridays to burn my leave and to practice being retired.

Today is the first practice, and I’m parked at the Starbucks less than a mile from my old office, and I hit this chair about the same time I’d be signing onto office apps. I’m grouchy because these people are yammering a few feet away (but, hey, deaf!).

Safe to say, practice is not going well.

For now, the morning practice focus on editing the Tucci sequel manuscript to get it back to the editors sooner versus later. Afternoon practice will be exercise and slacking off time because, you know, retirement.

If you have ideas on what a relatively young retiree can do to occupy the time, I’ll take any and all ideas. Seriously. I’ve got to find some new habits. TIA and LYL!

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