Ghosts and Books

In a very special Saturday episode of the Amateur Hour, CC and I chat about the real-life ghosts in our lives, the people we see in random places who look like loved ones and friends who’ve passed away. For that millisecond before we remember they’re gone, we can be hit with a ton of strong feelings, including the echoes of the love and affection for someone we don’t get to see anymore. A difficult and very personal subject for a podcast, but as writers, we talk about how we can use these important moments and emotions in our books.

Before that, we talk about our mutual rom-com that CC and I are drafting up together, which is a lot of fun. We hope to release it later this year. Also, this week is the July 1 release of my new book, “Starting Over in Las Vegas.” Before that, three of my books will be free for the taking.

Have a listen and let know what you think! Take care of you. TIA! LYL!

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