Free Books This Week

Lots of free books this week to welcome “Starting Over in Las Vegas” to my library. It’s available for pre-sale now and will be delivered on Friday, July 1.

These will be free from Tuesday, June 28 to Thursday, June 30:

SOILV is the sequel to “Love & Death on I-80 West,” the first Tucci book. He is one messed up dude. The first book is more graphic and gritter than the sequel, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

If you like “Longmire” or “High Noon,” then “A Sheriff in Nevada” is right up your alley. Maggie represents Law and Order is a remote Nevada town that has yet to see the dawn of the Twenty-First Century.

Hope Knocks Twice: An Emma Parks CPS Novel” draws directly from my time working on an IT help desk for a child protective services agency. Some of it is fiction and some of it is real.

Please grab and read these books while the price is right. And be kind: leave a review. Writers love reviews! TIA! LYL!

Here’s the links in one place.
My Amazon Library:
Starting Over in Las Vegas:
Love & Death on I-80 West:
A Sheriff in Nevada:
Hope Knocks Twice:

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