(Before diving in, here’s one last reminder that free books are available today, December 24, for your downloading pleasure. Grab them and save yourself 99¢, okay?)

I’ve been delinquent in keeping non-listeners of our podcast up to date on my two works in progress (WIP) from this year. (Note: please listen to our podcast.)

WIP #1 is a sequel to one of my books that’s been online for years. This book came from CC’s and my 6:30 Project. We sat down for thirty minutes and wrote our respective WIPs for one hundred days straight. I think I cracked 50K on this WIP. Full-throated editing will start in the near future with publication soon after. I want to test out Amazon Vella on one of these WIPs, and I’m leaning towards WIP #1.

WIP #2 was my 2021 Nanowrimo winner, and it’s a brand new book that’s taken on a life of its own. As of this writing, the sucker is 77+k words and growing like a weed. I’m hoping to finish by the New Year, but won’t lock myself into an artificial deadline. The challenge with this book, as explained in the podcasts, is this is the most scientific and technical book I’ve written. I have to make major changes, but am holding off until the draft is done. No estimated publication date yet.

After a year of not writing, having two active manuscripts is exciting! I hope they will available to you soon. TIA! LYL!

(Why the Fonz picture? Because he’s cool! Google him, kids.)

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