Quick Update

CC and I are keeping busy:

There is no podcast this week, though we recorded one. After review and much debate, we decided that the content was not in keeping with our mission of helping writers write. Shorter: too political. We’ll return to the normal schedule and format on Sunday, October 16.

The edited manuscript for our joint book (codename Stupid Sells) should be back in our hands this week. Because of real life, we looking to slip the release to December. This change in dates gives us time to ensure you get a quality book.

Our graphic arts class is fun, and well be diving into Photoshop soon.

Retirement and I are not comingling well. It’s hard to break 40 years of what I consciously and subconsciously call a “productive day.” (Insert “old dog” jokes here.) CC gave me a kick in the butt at lunch and reminded me I retired to become a full-time writer. Therefore, I have to reset my expectations and guideposts.

Ugh. Change is hard.

I reopened my WIP and will finish it (I hope) before Nanowrimo. It’s really close, but I can do it as long as I write full time.

If you have ideas for a discontented retiree, or want to shoot me encouragement, here you go.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading. You rock.

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