Cassidy Carson (CC) and I have been doing this writing thing for a few years, and we express ourselves on different planes of creative energy. CC plots and plans and outlines and draws on a host of personal experiences to enrich her prose. I rush headlong where angels fear to fly, and either crash or ascend depending on the situation. Each approach has their strengths and weaknesses, but neither are “good” or “bad.” Our methodologies speak to our personal and professional character, and these habits have found us success in our day jobs.

But you’d think it would take less than forty years for us to come together in a forum like this for our night jobs.

To be fair, CC has long suggested that we combine our literary forces, but being a boomer-aged male, I don’t ask for directions nor do I tend to follow them. On the other hand, being a Lone Wolf hasn’t been especially successful, either. I conceded the high ground and agreed it was time to find a new schtick that uses the old schtick: a partnership.

We’re combining our energies and thoughts into one site that will grow and change as we grow and change our online presence, but we’re also realistic: blog posts don’t have the gravitas they once had, maybe because there are so many words on the Internet now. Que sara, sara. We’ll forge ahead, anyway.

If you have any thoughts, ideas, or suggestions, feel free to email CC or me at your leisure. If you see typos, we’ll gladly take corrections.

We hope you’re not bored. Thanks for reading along.

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