Howdy hoo, neighbor, and hope this finds you well. If you’re me, the last five words there have snuck into a hundred or so emails over the year as the pandemic closed in and changed so many lives. I admit I had a growing certainty that getting COVID was a matter of “when” versus “if,” not the least due to the ever-present “underlying conditions” thing that is my life. Plus I’m a rebel and not so good with rules (or so I’m told).

Well, Nope. COVID met its match in CC who kept me home, kept me healthy, and kept me grounded. Many a time I was tempted to cross over the line from common sense to foolhardiness, but she would have none of that. We adjusted our outward habits, minimized human contact when appropriate, and stayed out of harm’s way. She ruled our nest with a velvet glove over an iron fist.

Today was the outcome of her efforts: I received the second Moderna booster today and, oy, am I feeling it, but that I am here to feel after a year of confinement in this time of cholera is due to the love and guidance of one person.

So it’s your fault, CC, that I’m both in pain and alive. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for being strong and being you.

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