HW: Heartbeat

Ear to chest, i hear
Her Heartbeat entangle Us.
While It Beats, We Live.

Emotions are hard, especially ones that open windows to our true selves. Most times we’re on autopilot in daylight. We dress pretty, groom our motley selves, and generally act in a manner both publicly and professionally acceptable. Autopilot, then, is good and safe. It’s not often vulnerable.

CC and I opined the other day that the two hardest emotional subjects to scribe are Death and Love because, in part, our actions and reactions in those situations reveal us. No barriers, no walls, nothing gets in the way of people seeing you for who you truly are.

But even worse than Love, which comes in 100+ flavors, is True Love. When we are so smitten, we gamble, we negotiate, we procrastinate because we know we could get hurt bad. Sometimes we make the mistake of increasing our force shields and end up pushing that best person away.

Some of us get lucky because we’re smart enough to lower those barriers, and we let that someone special behind our wall. Then we pray. Lord, we pray out loud that they’ll accept us for who we are, warts and all.

True Love is the greatest thing of all (except for a nice MLT, of course) and worth the long roller coaster ride that takes an eternity.

One heartbeat at a time.

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