Risky Business

If you listened to our podcast from today (Sunday, October 17, 2021), we touched on “taking risks,” the fundamental difference between CC’s and my writing styles. I enjoy going “when angels fear to tread,” and CC likes to work with “cozy romances,”: a genre where the reader feels as safe as her characters and the stories. There are markets for both styles, and they have their strengths and appeals.

The conversation got me thinking about risk and being brave and why we haven’t been more successful as writers. Technically, we have the skills and stories to be published writers on a more global scale, but from the outside looking in, we’re not rushing to take the next big step: getting agents, spamming the world with submissions, and becoming known as big-time writers.

Are we treading water? I think so, yes. Could we be doing more to become established writers? Again, yes.

Do we have the confidence to succeed? Ugh. Good question. I guess not.

We’re pretty good at faking confidence at our day jobs, which make sense after 15 years in our respective buildings. You’d think we could do the same for our night jobs since we’ve been writing for so much longer.

Something to think about, that’s for sure. Stay tuned.

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