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Things are coming together. I’ve done three YouTube recordings of “Duties Faithfully Executed,” and am learning the tricks of the trade. Gonna skip listing the first recording in the below list, but it’s on the channel if you want.

I’m going to use this blog post for now to list the recordings:
The JT Hume YouTube Channel
Part 1: Starting Over
Part 2: What I Did Wrong

If I keep going, I’ll probably create a separate web page. Thanks.


After years of internal debate (literally years), I’m taking the leap and reading my first book on camera. Woo!

CC said I sounded nervous and she’s right for two reasons. I haven’t read this book in a very long time, and I’ve written several since it was published in 2013. There will be cringe moment when I find grammatical mistakes. Bear with me as I power through.

And I’ve long felt I’ve had “a face for radio,” as they used to say back in the day, but readers like writers to read their works online. I am nothing but a servant to the people, so here you go!

There’s no great and glorious plan here. I’ll jump in front of the camera without warning or (obviously) planning. I will try to make it fun and interesting, and maybe we’ll learn stuff along the way.

Here’s the video:

If you want to jump ahead and get the book:

If you want to provide feedback:

I’m especially looking for feedback as this is my first video.

Finally, a gentle reminder than CC and I did a fantastic podcast on writing your very own space epic.


(And this thing is available for preorder at 99¢ and free on Kindle Unlimited. Ciao!)

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