One Last Push

Important Edit: I forgot to make “Sheriff” a free book for Sunday, January 8, so I extended the giveaway for all three books to Monday, January 9.
Apologies for my error!


One last push for our spiffy new book, “From Tundra to Tiara.”

I’m always energized in these last days before the big release. Thousands of hours of imagination, writing, editing, and marketing are coming to a close. The added joy is how CC and I worked seamlessly as a team for the first time to produce this cozy romance. I was amazed (and I think she was, too) on how easily we worked together, though considering we have 40+ years together, I should have known better.

Our labor of love will be released on Monday, January 9 for 99¢ and it is always free on Kindle Unlimited.

To sweeten the deal, three of our books will be totally free from Friday, January 6 to Sunday, January 9. The links are below. Enjoy these previews while you can!

As always, we appreciate you, the reader, and we would love to hear back after you read our book. We’d also love a review if you would be so kind.

One last word; “From Tundra to Tiara” will go up in price on Tuesday, January 10, so grab it now while the price is right.


From Tundra to Tiara
Royal Flush
Hope Knocks Twice
A Sheriff in Nevada

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