Podcasting with One Brain Cell

On a whim, JT and I began podcasting for writers a little over a month ago and have recorded eight episodes so far. We didn’t do any research before starting this adventure. We just decided to try it out and see what would happen. Turns out we’re having a lot of fun with what we decided to call “The CC & JT Amateur Hour for Writers.”

The reason for the name is obvious – what we’re doing is very amateur. Our setup consists of a microphone, a laptop, a “recording booth” made up of a quilt draped over a photographer’s backdrop frame, and the podcasting program that comes with our WordPress website. Neither of us has any experience in this area and we’re not doing anything too technical. We have no catchy theme song. Our sessions aren’t edited. What we record is what we post. What you see is what you get, so to speak.

Since what we’re doing is so amateur, I started wondering if it could really be considered podcasting. Surely creating an actual podcast couldn’t be so simple, right? There must be more to the process.

Not really. According to my research, a podcast consists of free on-demand episodes of people discussing things. It can also be considered an audio blog and can cover any topic imaginable.

That definition indicates that “The CC & JT Amateur Hour for Writers” is an honest-to-goodness podcast. We’re posting regular episodes to a variety of platforms for listeners to enjoy on-demand at no cost.

Whether we’re doing an official writers podcast didn’t really matter to me, of course. We started this project to try something new and to inspire ourselves and others who might be interested in writing. We’re also hoping to provide a little entertainment along with the information we discuss.

The added benefit to me is the half hour JT and I spend talking to each other with no other distractions. While the two of us spend a lot of our free time together, we’re not always paying attention to each other since we’re often involved in something else, like chores. We can’t be distracted while recording. At least we try not to be distracted, though I admit I lost my train of thought during the earthquake that happened while we were recording one episode!

Check out “The CC & JT Amateur Hour for Writers” to find out what we’re doing. Feel free to ask questions or to suggest topics that might be of interest to you for future episodes. We’d love your feedback.

Don’t be afraid to create your own podcast. They’re not too difficult and you might find yourself having a lot of fun in the process.

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