It’s Six Thirty Somewhere

Hello, yeah, Monday Blogs
Been a while, how ’bout you?
I’m not sure why I wrote
I guess I really just wanted to talk to you

You’ve dated yourself if you recognize those slightly butchered song lyrics, but they illustrate I’ve been away for a while, and that it’s time to come back into the Monday Blogs fold.

This post has two things going for it, the first being an attempt to pull a brick from a writer’s block that’s the size of something huge. My closest writing colleague, Cassidy Carson (or as I call her, CC) and I’ve been struggling for a while. Our frustration is not pretty, so we’re trying something new that we’re calling “A Hundred Days of Writing Sprints.”

We plan to be sitting across from each other at our huge dining room table (pictured above) at 6:30pm every night and writing for thirty minutes about something. Anything. Tonight, CC picked her romance novel and I’m doing a Monday Blogs post. Tomorrow may be something else for both or either of us, but the point is to write. What we actually write may not be pretty but maybe we’ll chip away at this wall separating us from our creative selves.

The other thing here is I want to plug our weekly podcast called “The CC & JT Amateur Half Hour” where our production values are non-existent, but we have fun anyway. We’ve got twenty episodes posted on our site and they cover a wide range of topics like:

Our own books, of course;

John Steinbeck and Cannery Row;

Sex in Writing (along with True Love and Death);

The tried-and-true Formulas in Fiction;

And The Flawed Protagonist.

The “Amateur Half Hour” started off as a podcast for writers, and it continues to be that, but it’s also a weekly conversation between a married couple who’ve seen and experienced a few things. We roam around the landscape of our chosen topic, but we eventually make a few good points and have fun along the way.

One thing that’s missing from our podcasts is news about current works in progress, so we’re hoping that our nightly writing sprints will give us the fodder for future podcasts.

For both parts, we hope you travel along and enjoy the journey with us. Either way, we hope this finds you well and that you continue to take care of you. Thank you for reading!

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