Haiku Wednesday is Back!

Hie-dee-hoe, neighbor-rooney. Haiku Wednesday is back from an unforced hiatus, and is being written under the spirit of the “It’s Six Thirty Somewhere” project. Cassidy Carson and I are attempting to write something for thirty minutes every day for a hundred days straight. Since the field is open, I’m taking a break from my work in progress and giving you poems free of charge! And there’s two from the price of one!

Cloud Worship
After He rested,
Did God create cloud space so
He could be worshipped?

I was clearly on mind-altering substances when I wrote this puppy during COVID quarantine, which is odd because I don’t do mind-altering substances (other than mainstream media, which is grist for another blog post).
And, yes, I have no memory or idea on the motivation behind this other than I like watching clouds floating by, probably from my days of looking down at them when I did the DMSP program. I was young, stupid, and absolutely fascinated by the tops of clouds as viewed by weather satellites. While they may not be God’s most perfect creation (that would be a platypus), they are in the top ten.
And aren’t we always looking upward for a solution?

Fortune’s Fool
Leave Chance to blind fools.
Live and love with courage, as
Karma lights your path.

This haiku is not nearly as mysterious as I remember thinking of those house signs that seem in vogue, the ones with motivational sayings to get you through the day. We have one that says something like, “Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain.”
Karma is your destiny created from your life choices, so choosing to live a life filled with courageous love is not the worst destiny, as long as you pick the right partner.
(Spoiler: I did, and I hope you do, too.)

Hope you enjoyed, and if you didn’t, please leave feedback. And scroll down to enroll in email notifications to be among the first to read this little gems. Take care of yourself and be extra careful out there, okay?

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