The Doldrums

We discuss “the doldrums,” which we define as a normal interruption in the creative writing process. You have a story, but you don’t what to with it or which direction to take it. We’re going through this phase ourselves. We have some ideas on what got us there and what it will take to getContinue reading “The Doldrums”


We struggled this week with “the big reveal”: the completely out-of-the-blue plot twist. Does the shock take the reader out of the story? Does it improve the plot? Does it change a “routine” experience into a memorable one for all the right reasons? Thoroughly spoiled: “The Crying Game” and “Murder on the Orient Express.” WeContinue reading “Surprise”


CC and I chat about what may be the most important emotional tool for a writer. We need a lot of moxie to go from a random idea floating in the ether to a real live book. We talk about the challenges of believing in yourself, plus we give some ideas in how to keepContinue reading “Confidence”

Adult Books

In today’s Amateur Hour, CC and I discuss the books that took us from childhood reading to adult fiction, and the impact they continue to have on us as adults. We chat about sump pumps, our works in progress, and “From Tundra to Tiara,” as well as our plans for the future. Have a listenContinue reading “Adult Books”

Episode 100

Twenty-two months since we started in isolation, and here is our 100th episode of the CC and JT Amateur Hour (“where production values go to die”). This episode coincides with the debut of “From Tundra to Tiara,” so honestly, how could we not do this today? Not all is sunshine as real life taught usContinue reading “Episode 100”

Almost Over

Our 99th podcast, and we’re almost done with another cycle of writing-editing-publishing a book with “From Tundra to Tiara” being released tomorrow, Monday, January 9. We talk at length about what we learned from our collaborative effort in writing a book, along with the challenges of contrasting writing styles and the English language itself. WeContinue reading “Almost Over”

One Last Push

Important Edit: I forgot to make “Sheriff” a free book for Sunday, January 8, so I extended the giveaway for all three books to Monday, January 9.Apologies for my error! ———————– One last push for our spiffy new book, “From Tundra to Tiara.” I’m always energized in these last days before the big release. ThousandsContinue reading “One Last Push”

FTTT: Chapter Two

We started 2023 with a power and internet outage from a humungous storm that knocked out services for a hundred-plus square miles in Northern Nevada. We’re finally back on line, so here is the delayed second chapter of your future favorite Netflix/Hallmark cozy romantic movie. The first two chapters of “From Tundra to Tiara” areContinue reading “FTTT: Chapter Two”

FTTT: Chapter One

As promised, here we are, reading the first chapter of your future favorite Netflix/Hallmark cozy romantic movie. Well, we can hope, anyway. The first two chapters of “From Tundra to Tiara” are posted, so feel free to follow along as we read. We also chat about good and bad holiday movies, and we pick ourContinue reading “FTTT: Chapter One”

Reading Duties: Videos Page

Important website update: After I recorded the fourth video for “Duties Faithfully Executed,” I updated our website to include a page devoted to videos. The link is up there are the top. For those receiving this update via email, the fourth video is called “The Wonder Years.” Every real and fictional autobiography is required toContinue reading “Reading Duties: Videos Page”

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