One Last Push

Important Edit: I forgot to make “Sheriff” a free book for Sunday, January 8, so I extended the giveaway for all three books to Monday, January 9.Apologies for my error! ———————– One last push for our spiffy new book, “From Tundra to Tiara.” I’m always energized in these last days before the big release. ThousandsContinue reading “One Last Push”

FTTT: Chapter Two

We started 2023 with a power and internet outage from a humungous storm that knocked out services for a hundred-plus square miles in Northern Nevada. We’re finally back on line, so here is the delayed second chapter of your future favorite Netflix/Hallmark cozy romantic movie. The first two chapters of “From Tundra to Tiara” areContinue reading “FTTT: Chapter Two”

FTTT: Chapter One

As promised, here we are, reading the first chapter of your future favorite Netflix/Hallmark cozy romantic movie. Well, we can hope, anyway. The first two chapters of “From Tundra to Tiara” are posted, so feel free to follow along as we read. We also chat about good and bad holiday movies, and we pick ourContinue reading “FTTT: Chapter One”

Reading Duties: Videos Page

Important website update: After I recorded the fourth video for “Duties Faithfully Executed,” I updated our website to include a page devoted to videos. The link is up there are the top. For those receiving this update via email, the fourth video is called “The Wonder Years.” Every real and fictional autobiography is required toContinue reading “Reading Duties: Videos Page”

Christmas Memories

Ah, “the horror of the holidays are upon us,” as my grandfather used to say. One common theme, no matter your culture or beliefs, are the strong emotions we feel during these days. CC and I remember two of our strongest Christmas memories, and we use them to illustrate how to transcribe those memories intoContinue reading “Christmas Memories”

Reading Duties

Important edit: Things are coming together. I’ve done three YouTube recordings of “Duties Faithfully Executed,” and am learning the tricks of the trade. Gonna skip listing the first recording in the below list, but it’s on the channel if you want. I’m going to use this blog post for now to list the recordings:The JTContinue reading “Reading Duties”

Writing Your Space Epic

Jam-packed podcast where we talked about my completed space epic and how it differs from three eponymous sci-fi adventures. Lots of talks about techno-babble and characters. If you’re writing an epic, or considering writing one, here are some great ideas. Also: Two free chapters from our latest release, “From Tundra to Tiara,” hitting the shelvesContinue reading “Writing Your Space Epic”

Book Page Update

Transitioning to a “full-time writer” mode means I have time for the overdue housekeeping on our website. There will be a full redesign someday, but for now, the Books page has descriptions, ratings, and trigger warnings. Here you go. It’s not much, but it’s a start. If/when you find a typo or two, let usContinue reading “Book Page Update”

Posture and Mojo

Our single brain cell is on display in this podcast because we wandered all over the writer’s landscape today, starting with writing posture, segueing to mojo and frame of mind, and ending with a chat about writers spending money. We even mention my cochlear implants. We also learned that CC and I had very differentContinue reading “Posture and Mojo”

What Did You Say?

Writing believable dialogue is one of the biggest challenges in prose because “dialogue is character,” and characters are what drive our books. We discuss dialogue at length with examples from famous movies, and we provide ideas on how to improve your own written dialogue (spoiler: “listen”). We bring you up to speed on our ownContinue reading “What Did You Say?”

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