Thank You, All

I’m in the local Starbucks working on CC’s and my latest book with an eye on my Kindle bookshelf’s activity. I am humbled.

This last weekend’s giveaway was wildly successful with dozens of books heading out the door. I am incredibly grateful. If you were one of the downloaders, thank you and I hope they enrich your day.

If I may ask, a small review would be welcome. The more reviews, the more visibility the books gain in the the Kindle algorithms. Typos are welcome!

I keep threatening to raise the prices on my books, but haven’t had the heart to do it yet. For now, most continue to be available at 99¢ or about a third of the price of small cup of coffee. Have a look if you haven’t already.

Thank You, All!

Team Editing

CC is sitting behind me as we edit. Hiding the text from you for now. 🙂

CC and I are writing a book together, and today we talk about the intense editing session we’re doing this weekend. We’re learning a lot about collaboration, writing styles, sentence structures, and editing in general.

Have a listen and let us know what you think!

Happy Birthday to Ruth Buzzi, Lynda Carter, and to all July 24 babies!

If you’re reading this on Sunday, July 24, 2022, all of my books are free! Here’s the link. Enjoy. TIA! LYL!

National Tequila Day and Free Books!

Sunday, July 24th has four great things going for it:
Ruth Buzzi’s Birthday
National Tequila Day
My birthday
Free Books!

Yes, all of my books will be free for the taking on Sunday. All of them for one day. It’s my gift to y’all for putting up with podcasts and tweets and everything.

Please grab them on Sunday and pass them to your friends, loved ones, and neighbors.

Thank you so much in advance for following along. LYL!

Pure Pantsing

Pantsing (also known as winging it) is the term Wrimos use refer to writing without a fixed outline (an outline that the writer will force themselves to follow). A Wrimo who adopts the pantsing approach to writing is called a pantser. (source)

Today was a fun podcast on Pantsing with CC challenging me with three surprise writer’s prompts:

Dropped into an alien world
High school romance
Teenage girl superhero

Next week, CC is going to do the same prompts, but from a plotter’s point of view. (Giving credit, the prompts came from

We discuss on how we draw on the classics when we write our own books, whether we know it or not. We also touch on our two current works in progress and the big free book giveaway next week (some of the covers are below).

Have a listen and let us know what you think!



We chat about our current WIP and whether we should do a “Happily Ever After” versus “Happy For Now” kind of ending.

Readers want both, often at the same time, which can lead to “interesting” sequels.

Spoilers: Star Wars, The Godfather, The Matrix, and The Mummy (Brenden Frasier version, obv).

We also announce a big deal happening on July 24th. More details soon on our website at

Have a listen and let us know what you think! TIA! LYL!

PS: Thank you for the hugely successful book giveaway and the release of “Starting Over in Las Vegas.” If you grabbed any of my books, please leave a written review (even if it’s four or five words). Much appreciated!

Summer Reading

We chat about our summer reading experiences from younger days, plus we talk about our current projects and our thoughts about “assigned reading.” You’ll learn more about the teenage CC and JT than you probably want to know, but, hey, listening is free!

Also on the menu: updates on our writing projects, including the numbers (“45K+” and “100+K”) and possible editing/publishing schedules.

We’re keeping busy, but not staying out of trouble only for you, our favorite listeners. Here’s the podcast. Let us know what your think. TIA! LYL!

(PS: Gentle reminder that Starting Over in Las Vegas and most of my other books are still 99¢ for your reading pleasure. Prices will be going up soon, so grab them while you can. Thank you!)

Free Books This Week

Lots of free books this week to welcome “Starting Over in Las Vegas” to my library. It’s available for pre-sale now and will be delivered on Friday, July 1.

These will be free from Tuesday, June 28 to Thursday, June 30:

SOILV is the sequel to “Love & Death on I-80 West,” the first Tucci book. He is one messed up dude. The first book is more graphic and gritter than the sequel, and it’s not for the faint of heart.

If you like “Longmire” or “High Noon,” then “A Sheriff in Nevada” is right up your alley. Maggie represents Law and Order is a remote Nevada town that has yet to see the dawn of the Twenty-First Century.

Hope Knocks Twice: An Emma Parks CPS Novel” draws directly from my time working on an IT help desk for a child protective services agency. Some of it is fiction and some of it is real.

Please grab and read these books while the price is right. And be kind: leave a review. Writers love reviews! TIA! LYL!

Here’s the links in one place.
My Amazon Library:
Starting Over in Las Vegas:
Love & Death on I-80 West:
A Sheriff in Nevada:
Hope Knocks Twice:

Ghosts and Books

In a very special Saturday episode of the Amateur Hour, CC and I chat about the real-life ghosts in our lives, the people we see in random places who look like loved ones and friends who’ve passed away. For that millisecond before we remember they’re gone, we can be hit with a ton of strong feelings, including the echoes of the love and affection for someone we don’t get to see anymore. A difficult and very personal subject for a podcast, but as writers, we talk about how we can use these important moments and emotions in our books.

Before that, we talk about our mutual rom-com that CC and I are drafting up together, which is a lot of fun. We hope to release it later this year. Also, this week is the July 1 release of my new book, “Starting Over in Las Vegas.” Before that, three of my books will be free for the taking.

Have a listen and let know what you think! Take care of you. TIA! LYL!

Writers Retreat

CC and I chat about our personal writers retreat this week and about writers retreats in general. CC talks about her good and bad experiences at big-time conferences.

We also give updates on our three books in the pipeline.

Have a listen and let us know what you think! TIA! LYL!

Gentle reminder that “Starting Over in Las Vegas” is available for pre-sale right now for the low, low price of 99¢. Grab it and thank you!


We take a dive into the shallow end of the pool to discuss famous and no-so-famous literary couples. Writing is a tough chore to begin with, so lots of respect for any couple who write together.

We used this article as a foundation:–literary-couples_n_5104412

Have a listen and let us know what you think TIA! LYL!

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