We attack the multiverse in this week’s podcast to answer the question: “Are we truly writing fiction?” Covered w Spoilers:The MCUBatmanStar TrekPleasantvilleBack to the FutureQuantum LeapSliding DoorsStranger Than FictionCarol Burnett Have a listen and let us know what you think. Comments Welcome! TIA! LYL!

Purple Porkchops

Couples Therapy this week with incorporating our experiences and minefields into our writing, plus the most and least important parts of a relationship and how to use them to create tension. Have a listen and let us know what you think via our Contacts page. TIA! LYL!

Podcast: Epiphany

This week’s writers’ podcast is a deep dive into “Romance is a Bonus Book,” and how this excellent series got us thinking about the choices we’ve made. We chat about the power you have over your life and the key question: “Who am I?”. Big-time spoilers. We may have shotgunned a gallon of coffee beforeContinue reading “Podcast: Epiphany”

Podcast: Mother’s Day Therapy

CC and I do online therapy in talking about our mothers and our upbringing, and we discuss how writers can use their parental relationships in their writing. Family-related triggers in this one. Have a listen and let us know what you think. TIA and LYL!

Podcast: Editing

This week is our fav subject: editing. (#sarcasm) We discuss the strengths and weakness of self-editing vs. hiring professionals, using beta readers, and being responsible for your book from cover to cover. Big shout-out to my professional editors at Red Adept Editing! Have a listen and let us know what you think. TIA! LYL!

Podcast: Grammar

This week’s writers podcast is a deep dive into the brick wall called “grammar.” Ugh, we get it: everyone hates the rules. We talk about why writers should learn and follow the rules, anyway. The deep dive:The history of English grammar.Moby Dick versus The Old Man of the Sea.What did I do 450 times?Ideas onContinue reading “Podcast: Grammar”

The Tucci Book Elements

Hi, All! Over on my Patreon, I completed a podcast series on the eight elements that make up a novel and how they applied to my latest book about Tucci coming out this year. Here’s the first book (Only 99ยข!). All of the podcasts are unlocked and free to hear. Please let me know whatContinue reading “The Tucci Book Elements”

Podcast: Stupid Romance

This week focuses on two important writers’ subjects:-The challenges and benefits of implicit bias in fiction.-CC’s and my favorite formula in fiction: stupid romance. We pull in Love Actually, Star Wars, Easter, the weather, and coming of age stories. Have a listen! We’d love to hear what you think via our comments page, even ifContinue reading “Podcast: Stupid Romance”

Retirement Practice

Good day, dear readers. Posting a Real Life update instead of editing the manuscript. In geezer language, we call this “procrastinating” or “what I should be doing now probably won’t get done tomorrow, either.” This may be old news in that I announced my retirement from the Day Job after 40 total years of publicContinue reading “Retirement Practice”

Podcast: Hell Week

We return from our podcast hiatus to talk about our emotional roller-coaster Hell Week, and the associated life changes happening in and around The Worldwide Headquarters: Our daughter’s surgery.Saying goodbye to Mia.Verbal Tics.Retirement.My next book (good news!).Book sale success.Patreon.Spring in Nevada.“Our Flag Means Death”.The Beatles and “Get Back”.Recurring themes in Korean dramas and rom-coms.Common traitsContinue reading “Podcast: Hell Week”

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